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About Us
Over 3,000 happy patients can't be wrong.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Here at CADIS in Blackpool and Kendal our team is led by Dr Tamer Alaredy who will help you to achieve the perfect smile using the latest technology.



Tooth whitening at our practice is carried out using the famous Zoom WhiteSpeed system as featured on extreme makeover. We also provide home whitening trays for more gradual results.


3D Smile Design
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Dr Tamer Alaredy 
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Success Stories


Dear Dr Tamer Alaredy,


In 2002 I had a bad accident involving a fall, which resulted in the loss of two teeth, I saw my dentist and after 2-3 years of trying to rectify the damage caused, this still could not be done.


I then saw a second dentist and after a further 2-3 years of failure to rectify the problem and the continuing stress of being unable to eat, bite and the stress and pain that the accident had left me in, I was recommended to try CADIS Dental Cosmetic Surgeon.


I went to Dr Tamer Alaredy , who saw me for a consultation. He recommended from this for me to have two implants where the trauma from the accident had caused my teeth to be lost.


I had a temporary denture made while I was awaiting the implants to be specifically made which took 2-3 weeks.


After this the implants went ahead and were a great success and to this I have a good bite, I enjoy eating out, I am pain free, I am confident in my appearance and can go about my day-to-day life.


Seeing Dr Tamer Alaredy has not only rectified the damage with the use of implants, but has also re given me my quality of life.


I can highly recommend the CADIS team in particular Tamer and Lucy whose expertise, clients care and professionalism was second to none.


The care from the team also continues every visit.

Mrs AP




To whom it may concern,


I am happy to provide a testimonial for Dr Tamer Alaredy who has been my dentist since 2006.


In my opinion Dr Alaredy is a highly professional competent practitioner who I would recommend unreservedly.


My teeth, in-spite of NHS dentistry had reached a difficult stage by the time I became Dr Alaredy's patient. He has very good communication skills, and was able to explain the pros and cons of all the possible treatment options, together with his recommendations.


He is happy to answer questions and to provide written information for consideration.


The surgery operates to the highest professional standards of cleanliness and infection control.

The treatment is carried out competently and with kindness, the aftercare is excellent and the results I have experienced have been wholly satisfactory.

I have needed implants, bridgework, crowns and fillings, I am also very nervous and Dr Alaredy has done as much as could be done to reassure me. He is able to discuss and provide sedation and local anesthesia as necessary.


I am medically qualified so I expect high standards from anyone I entrust with my own care. Dr Alaredy is an excellent dentist who offers the highest standards of care.


Dr MJ 


Our Address

462 Lytham Road, Balckpool,FY4 1JQ 

01253 347 953

24 Kirkland, Kendal, LA9 5AD 

01539 729 668 

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday   09:00AM – 16:00PM


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