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Smile Design

                                                 First impressions count, and your smile says it all. 


A healthy smile impacts on your health, self esteem and relationships. Smile Design is an evaluation of facial and dental symmetry, an understanding of facial features, the relation between the teeth, gum and lips.



Our philosophy is to enhance beauty and not create an artificial generic look. Through technological advancements it is now possible to conservatively improve and strengthen the health and function of a patient's appearance and smile. 



The smile design process involves:

  • Assessment photography of the face and its contours

  • Assessment imaging to show the patient the potential outcomes of the treatment

  • Assessment wax up - Taking an imprint of your teeth which is then sent to a technician who will make the waxup whiteprint and create the final restorations.

  • Diagnostic mock up - With the application of a special tooth coloured material. We can temporarily change the shape, length and spacing of teeth. This allows you to see right in the surgery how enhancement of your smile affects your overall appearance.

  • Once the ideal relationship between the restoration and the facial soft tissues is achieved improvements in natural beauty can be expected to follow.

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